Friday, March 19, 2010

A Paradox of Time Travel? ... Or just a silly idea

One of those thoughts you get whilst half awake at 6:30am .....

The Magical Multiplying Ball Paradox

To open my blog, I thought i'd start with a strange realization I had whilst dreaming ... half awake, half asleep, one lazy Saturday morning. Don't ask me where the inspiration for this came from, because I don't know. I do know one thing. It sounded a whole lot more impressive when I was half asleep than it does now. Nonetheless, I need something to write here, and so here goes..

1. time traveller travels back in time and places his ball next to the original ball A, calling it ball B (even though they are the same ball)

2. The change in the past means that there are now two balls existing together. For Einsteins conservation of energy to hold true, one of these balls MUST be destroyed before the point in time where the time traveller (the time-traveller, or ANY time traveller) is able to take this ball and travel back in time with it to a point in time where the two balls exist together, and place his ball, next to original balls A and B calling it ball C.